Satya Incense. Handrolled in India. 15 grams per box. 

DRAGON'S BLOODBecome captivated by the potent and exotic scent of Satya Dragon’s Blood Incense. Dragon’s blood is a bright red resin produced from the aromatic sap of the dracaena draco tree. Upon lighting, the smoke emits an exotic, earthy fragrance with hints of pine needle, sandalwood, musk and amber. Your wild side is sure to enjoy this alluring one of a kind aroma!

MEDITATION: Take a deep breath and get in touch with the rhythm of your soul with the Satya Mediation Incense. Perfect for use to achieve deep states of relaxation during your meditation practice, this flora incense blend aids in building mental strength, clarity and life force energy. Take in the tranquil aroma and settle into your Shavasana!

NAG CHAMPAOriginal Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense, made with all-natural resins, gums, flowers, and oils. Simply the most popular incense in the world! Handmade in Bangalore, India.

PATCHOULI: There’s nothing wrong with a classic! The beloved and heady scent which was embraced by flower children in the 60’s for its earthy, relaxing, and feel-good, grounding properties is as intoxicating as ever. Hand rolled in the traditional practice in India, Satya Patchouli incense sticks are excellent for repelling insects, covering up odors, or simply creating a relaxing ambiance for your home.

SANDALWOODRefresh and calm your space with the sweet and mild aroma of Sandalwood! Hand rolled in India in the traditional practice, the sacred and distinctive aroma of Sandalwood has been treasured for centuries for its healing and relaxing effect. Light it up and allow feelings of serenity to wash over you and ease your irritability into relaxation! Upon burning, this incense from the Satya range reveals a sweet woody aroma with hints of cinnamon, clove, jasmine, and musk that come together to create a delightfully meditative fragrance.

WHITE SAGEProtect your aura with the sacred scent of White Sage! Hand rolled in India from the Satya line of incense, this special floral and woody blend of essential oils helps to release and cleanse negativity energy from your space. Light it up and shelter your spirit in the sanctuary of this serene smoke!