Soul Full of Light Necklace


Each stone holds its own meaning. A perfect gift for a friend or for yourself! Handcrafted in the United States. Sterling silver lobster claw clasp. 

Amazonite - Courage - Carries the energies of courage, compassion and truth

Aventurine - Prosperity - Carries the energies of possibility, creativity and prosperity

Black Onyx - Stress Relief - Alleviates stress and worry and anchors strength

Blue Goldstone - Comfort - Amplifies the ability to see light in the darkness

Bostwana Agate - Change - For support during times of transition and change

Flourite - Thank you - "This gentle healing necklace that helps to cleanse and energize your heart is given with my gratitude"

Green Aventurine - Healing - Activates physical, emotional and spiritual healing

Howlite - Patience - Encourages patience and calm communication

Pearl - Goddess - Anchors light and connects you to your inner Goddess. 

Rose Quartz - Love - Amplifies unconditional love

Sodalite - Confidence - Supports and strengthens self-esteem and confidence

Tiger's Eye - Empowerment - Activates insight and personal empowerment